Driving Folk Punk with HoppaH!

It is very difficult (if not impossible) to stand still while watching and listening to one of the most energetic folk bands of The Netherlands: HoppaH! Suitable for big events such as festivals, but also for smaller clubs, bars and private parties. HoppaH! mixes all kinds of danceable European folk (klezmer, Balkan, gipsy, Irish, French) with styles like ska, reggae and punk. The line-up consists of very experienced musicians. Instruments they play are violin, clarinet, trombone, accordion, bass and drums. The singer has his own distinctive, raw voice; very suitable for the rather cynical texts (in Dutch). All music and texts are self-written by the members of HoppaH!

The band was found in September 2011. After playing at a lot of festivals and other events/venues, HoppaH! started recording its first CD/LP in winter 2012 and had its first CD/LP-presentation in June 2013. HoppaH! is an internationally oriented band and is always looking for gigs in surrounding countries like Germany, Belgium, Denmark and France. They have their own professional sound system, but can also perform acoustically.

If you’ve become curious by now, you can watch some of our videos by clicking here.

– Esther de Boer (clarinet, backing vocals)
– Obed Brinkman (trombone)
– Laura Iwema (violin, backing vocals)
– Erik de Jong (accordion)
– Jorris Klaassen (drums)
– Serge van Laar (lead vocals)
– Roy Rolleman (bass-guitar)

Sound engineer: Han Kortekaas